Rental Fees

Banquet Menu

Banquet Hall              $250

Bingo Room                 $150

Patio Picnic Area       $150


Baked Ham,   Top Round of Beef,

Roast Turkey,    Filled Chicken Breast,

Prime Rib,    Ham Loaf,   Baked Fish,

Roast Pork

Choice Of Meat:
Choice of One


 Scalloped, Candied Sweet

 Baked, Whole Brown


Choice of Two

1 Meat

Choose 1 meat from above. Price includes tax and tip


2 Meats

Choose 2 Meats from above. Price includes tax and tip


Prime Rib

 Add prime rib to the 1 or 2 meat items. Price includes tax and tip


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Buttered Corn, Baby Lima Beans,

Baked Corn, Tiny Whole Carrots,

Green Beans, Scandinavian Blend,

Vegetable Blend

***$5.00 + tax and tip for children 5 and under***
***Appetizers available in addition***

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